Best Tupperware Products In India 2020

  • You can keep this Tupperware Square Refrigerator Container anywhere
  • The small rim on the seal makes it easy to stack the container
  • Because of the fine texture on the outside,scratches are avoided.
  • The containers are perfect for keeping food in the fridge
  • Keep Tab Small 525 ml : Use for berries, mushrooms, grated
  • home-made sauces. Keep Tab Medium 1.2 L : Use for smaller


Tupperware Square Box In India 

You can take this Tupperware Square Box anywhere, this box does not spoil food or any fruit.

This box is very strong and small, you can keep food in this box and keep it in the fridge, its size is such that it will fit perfectly in the fridge.

With this you will find Total 4 Tupperware Square Box of a small size and a large size.